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Women from the Match Girl Strike in 1888.
Understanding Women's History Month
Faith Smith, Viking Voices Co-Editor • March 11, 2024

Women’s History Month has only been around since 1978; starting as only a week, known as Women’s...

Spartanburg High Schools Student Council is set to go on a foreign adventure.
Student Council to Visit Costa Rica
Charles Willbanks, Viking Voices Co-Editor • March 11, 2024

With decades of fundraisers and fun activities over the years such as the annual Homecoming celebration,...

Sean Evans describes his YouTube show, Hot Ones, in an interview at Build Studio.
Digging Deeper in Interviews
Abby Hampton, Entertainment Co-Editor • March 8, 2024

The main purpose of interviews in magazines, television shows and social media for years has been to...

Corporation performs at their winter choir concert.
A Corporation Creation
Isabel Pittman, Variety Co-Editor • March 8, 2024

At Spartanburg High School, advanced chorus students have the opportunity to join Corporation. In this...

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The Fleifel twins are very close with one another.
Double Trouble
Ariella Garrell, Sports Co-Editor • March 11, 2024

Having a sibling can be very special. Whether it’s an older sister to look up to or a little brother...

Kristin Juszyck shows off her stylish jacket at a San Francisco 49ers game.
A Stylish New Addition to the NFL
Caroline Colbath, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager • March 11, 2024

Kristin Juszcyk is not only the wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszcyk, but she is also an...

Wofford enters its inaugural season playing in the Southern Conference.
Terriers Take on Softball
Abigail Hampton, Entertainment Co-Editor • March 7, 2024

This Spring, Wofford College has introduced a new sport to campus in its softball program. Plans for...

During a television broadcast, Caitlin Clark and Coach Lisa Bluder pose for a photo after Clark beat the NCAA womens career scoring record.
Caitlin Creating History
Faith Smith, Viking Voices Co-Editor • March 7, 2024

While creating a name for herself as a senior at the University of Iowa, Caitlin Clark has taken the...

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