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Stunning visuals and strong performances all around helped to bring The Crucible to life. The red backdrop in this scene portrayed the fear the actors were trying to deliver.
A Bewitching Performance
Foster Neely, Student Life Editor • October 17, 2022

From Oct. 7-9, the new Viking Theatre Company at Spartanburg High School put on a production of "The...

Smiley gives a wave to the crowd that desperately adored him and his personality.
Love First, Coach Second
Matthew Beyer, Co-Editor in Chief/ Centerspread/ Columns Editor • October 14, 2022

“Doing your best is success," was long-time Spartanburg High guidance counselor and track coach Glover...

Andrew Garfields Spiderman poses in his iconic suit, which has appeared in Spiderman: Far From Home.
Out with the New, in with the Old
Ansley Dantin, Variety Co-Editor/ Social Media Coordinator • October 14, 2022

For years people have been flocking to movie theaters across the globe to get a first look at the most...

The Halloween sagas infamously masked villain, Michael Myers, stands in a field during one of his killing sprees.
Halloween: Michael Myers’ Final Slash
Foster Neely, Student Life Editor • October 14, 2022

Since the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s film "Psycho" in 1960, the American “slasher film” has...


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Greek festivals are held annually throughout the state of South Carolina.
A Taste of Greece
Dev Patel, Variety Co-Editor/Chief Financial Officer • October 17, 2022

The Greek Festival has been a tradition for over 26 years at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Spartanburg....

Concerts have been enjoyed for many years as a prominent music-listening experience.
Concert Mania
George Proctor, Opinion/Editorial Editor • October 17, 2022

For many, going to a concert sounds like an incredible time to listen to favorite artists. Some like...

Going pro as a teen takes a lot of hard work and dedication.
Going Professional as a Teen
Ellie Schafer, Viking Voices Co-Editor • October 17, 2022

It takes a lot of talent, hard work and commitment to become a professional athlete. In a research experiment...

SHS trainer April Taylor works through appropriate stretches for an athlete.
The Road to Recovery
Caroline Colbath, Entertainment Editor • October 17, 2022

Though there are many different types of sports across the world, each different through cultures and...

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