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The Fleifel twins are very close with one another.

Double Trouble

Ariella Garrell, Sports Co-Editor
March 11, 2024
Kristin Juszyck shows off her stylish jacket at a San Francisco 49ers game.

A Stylish New Addition to the NFL

Caroline Colbath, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager
March 11, 2024
Implementing more renewable energy could help create a better world for future generations.

Going Green

Andy Ratterree, Variety Co-Editor
March 8, 2024
Commercials today are becoming wild and fantastical, like a giraffe watching T.V.

Outlandish Commercials

Ellie Schafer, Entertainment Co-Editor
March 8, 2024
The creation of TikTok Shop on the app TikTok having an unbeneficial effect on costumers.

TikTok Shop or Scam?

Eliza Phillips, Sports Editor
January 31, 2024
An aerial view of the CosMcs building.

Out of This World Drinks

Andy Ratterree, Variety Co-Editior
January 30, 2024
Anne Caroline Greer (11), Isabel Pittman (11) and Lillie Henson (11) set up food for their Galantine’s Day party last year.

Galantine’s Day

Abby Hampton, Entertainment Co-Editor
January 30, 2024
Take-out makes it more convenient to eat food that you love at home.

Restaurant Revolution

Anderson Ratterree, Variety Co-Editor
December 6, 2023
Dating apps have changed the way that couples find one another forever.

It’s a Match!

George Proctor, News Editor/ Co-Editor-In-Chief
December 6, 2023
Heath Ledger posing for a picture as The Joker

The Dark Side of Method Acting

Ellie Schafer, Entertainment Co-Editor
December 6, 2023
The wedding scene from the end of The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music

Isabel Pittman, Variety Co-Editior
October 18, 2023
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