New Trail Attracts Beginner to Expert Bikers


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Map of the Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park, an extension of the Mary Black Rail Trail.

The City of Spartanburg has various sights and experiences to offer, including Croft State Park, Barnet Park and downtown Spartanburg. While visitors are drawn to these eye-catching places, Spartanburg’s most frequented attraction might be the Rail Trail. The Rail Trail offers unique outdoor alternative to people who decide to take a walk on it. Some of these features include a dog park, bike rentals, and one of the newest and most desirable, the Bike Park. 

The Bike Park is an area of land just off the Rail Trail behind the Flock Shop restaurant that has a total of ten biking features. These features range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Features include a wooden wall ride, a rideable bridge and a rest garden to take a breather.  

Both bikers and runners appreciate the addition of the Bike Park to the Rail Trail. Liam McEnroe (10) especially likes to use the trail for exercise and a breath of fresh air. 

“[The Bike Park] gives me something fun to do on my bike that is close to home,” McEnroe said. “My favorite part of the course is the middle section at the end where there is a wall you can launch off of.

Though the bike park is designed for recreation, the most important aspect of the attraction preached by the city of Spartanburg is safety. With its intricate features, the Park brings about plenty of opportunities to get hurt. English teacher Donovan Brooks believes strongly in biker safety. 

Safety, in all regards, is our own responsibility.  That means wearing the necessary personal protective equipment for the type of riding you are doing and being aware of your surroundings,” Brooks said.

According to a recent interview with the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Lauren Ringo, Executive Director of Partners in Active Living, stated that over $400,000 has been put into the Bike Park, and the hope is for residents to take advantage of the great outdoors, especially during this time of pandemic. 

“[The Bike Park] provides a place for families to come,” Ringo said. “The great thing about this park is it will serve people who don’t know much about off-road mountain biking and people who are pretty seasoned. It’s going to serve all levels, but it really is targeted at older youth and getting them out and active.”