Crafting a Business

Student owned Etsy shop takes off during quarantine


Photo courtesy Aly Hogue

Aly Hogue (12) has constructed an Etsy shop over quarantine selling various products such as candles and dish towels.

Florence Cope, Variety Co-Editor

Starting a business is usually something that one does once they have graduated high school and taken business classes in college. However, that is not the case for Aly Hogue (12), who has her own Etsy business called TwoSisterCraftCoShe runs this shop with her sister Abby Hogue (10), who helped design the logo and product ideas. They sell items such as jewelry, dish towels, candles and keychains. 

Hogue was persuaded to get a job by her parents during quarantine and had difficulty getting an interview because she had never worked before. She decided to turn to creating her own Etsy shop using skills she already had. 

I realized then that I knew enough about sewing and online retail that I could start my own business, so I did,” Hogue said. 

Hogue’s mom used to have her own online craft business and several other people in her family have their own business, so she had lots of tips and knowledge on how to manage a shop. 

“I did learn only from trial and error that a business isn’t built overnight,” Hogue said. “You see all over social media that people’s businesses go viral after like two days and you expect that to happen to you, but that isn’t the reality.” 

Hogue sells a variety of products, such as key rings, towels, and sustainable goods. She tries to put out products that are good for the environment, including reusable popcorn bags and sponges. Hogue will begin selling candles and seasonal products throughout the winter months.

Marisol Gutierrez (12) has purchased earrings and a fall towel and thinks the products are very cute and inexpensive. 

The fall towel is very cute and simple!” Gutierrez said. “I really loved it for our kitchen, and my mom loves fall theme items!” 

Hogue has had a positive experience on Etsy and will continue to adapt her business and create new seasonal products. 

“I do love running my business, and it is a great way for me to earn money for college while also doing something that I actually enjoy,” Hogue said.