Alex Trebek: The Iconic Face of “Jeopardy!”

Fans across the country mourn the passing of a game show legend


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Alex Trebek has been the iconic face of the “Jeopardy!” game show since 1984.

Will Eaton, Sports Co-Editor

Ever since 1984, Alex Trebek has been the face of Jeopardy!, a game show in which the answers are given, and the contestants have to give the questions. On Nov. 8, the longtime game show host passed away due to issues caused by pancreatic cancer. This news made Jeopardy! fans upset because of their dedicated love for both Trebek and the show. 

 Abigail Graham (10) grew up watching Trebek. When she heard the news that Trebek had passed away, she was taken aback. 

“[Knowing] that the host of a show you grew up watching has died makes you feel the reality of death and that even famous people die,” Graham said. 

One of the main questions that people are asking is who is going to be Trebek’s replacement. There are a variety of worthy candidates for the job. Those being considered for the position include LeVar Burton, Tom Bergeron, and the frontrunner and interim host, Ken Jennings.

On, game show historian Adam Nedeff commented on replacing Trebek, a task that he finds to be a particularly difficult one.  Nedeff also goes on to say that Jeopardy doesn’t need a face of the show, but someone that will make the contestants the stars. 

“It has to be somebody who’s willing to let the game take center stage,” Nedeff said. 

Thomas Van Vleet (10) believes that the replacement is going to be someone who has already been and won on the show. Ken Jennings, the highest earning game show contestant of all time, is Van Vleet’s pick. 

I think the next host will be Ken Jennings, as he won the Jeopardy! tournament and was well liked by everyone,” Van Vleet said. 

As Jeopardy! tries to find its new host, Trebek’s legacy stands strong as his supporters continue to remember him and celebrate his life and career.