Two Sisters, One Dream

Phillips sisters take to the court together


Photo courtesy E. Phillips

Before a play Lilly and Eliza Phillips communicate briefly during their last season together.

Lars Iven, Variety Co-Editor

Most high schoolers have younger or older siblings who play sports, yet very few will ever have the opportunity to play a sport with their siblings. However, that is not the case for the Phillips sisterswho both play varsity basketball for the Lady Vikings. 

Ever since they were little kids, Lilly (12) and Eliza (9) Phillips have played basketball together. When Eliza first started out at six years old, her dad was her head coach. As the years went on, she began to fall in love with the game.  

“I love the competition and pushing myself to be better each game,” Eliza said.  

This determination and passion have spurred both sisters on to reach their achievements. Despite being close off of the court, they have been fierce competitors since childhood. 

“Even though we’ve both been playing against each other for so long, we’ve gotten the opportunity to play with each other,” Lilly said 

As one of the two seniors on the team’s roster, Lilly has the responsibility of being a role model for her teammates and sisterLilly has bought into this leadership role and has seen her bond with her teammates strengthened as a result.  

“I love my team and would do anything for my teammates,” Lilly said.  

Basketball has taught the Phillips sisters self-discipline, time management, and determination. It has also given them the opportunity to meet some of the best people in their lives. Both sisters find it an incredibly unique and special experience that brings them closer together.  

Varsity head coach Sharon Dillon has nothing but positive things to say about both players.

“The experiences they’ve had throughout the years gives them the advantage of knowing what each other’s tendencies on the court are and puts them a step ahead of everyone else,” Dillon said.

Even while not having the season that they had hoped for due to COVID-19 protocols, the girls’ varsity basketball team continued to push each other to become the best players that they could be.  Both sisters know that even though their time together in Viking arena is coming to an end, their years playing together will pay off in their future endeavors – with Lilly playing at the collegiate level, and Eliza continuing to charge forward with her Viking teammates. 

The thing about this team is that we can continue to grow together to become something special,” Eliza said