Disney+ Movie Highlights Clemson Football and Family Ties

“Safety” shows it takes a village to raise a child


Photo courtesy showtimes.com

The “Safety” movie poster illustrates the bond between Ray, Fahmarr, and the Clemson football team.

Will Eaton, Sports Co-Editor

The movie Safety is a Disney+ exclusive film focused on the life of former Clemson football player Ray McElrathby, who took in and eventually adopted his little brother all while managing school and football. Overall, the movie received good remarks from critics. Kyle Turner of the New York Times was one of those critics who especially appreciated the movie’s depth.

“It scores points for giving its lead characters complicated situations, emotional depth and political dimension,” Turner said.

The story starts off with Ray living in college and receiving a phone call from Fahmarr, his brother, who asks him to sign disciplinary notes. Ray is angered at Fahmarr’s behavior, so he drives home to find Fahmarr without their mother, who is battling addiction. As it turns out, Ray’s mother is taken to a rehabilitation facility, leaving Fahmarr without a guardian. Ray decides to take his neglected brother to college with him.

Realizing that he is not allowed to have anyone stay with him while in a school dorm, Ray has to keep Fahmarr secretly hidden along with the help of his roomie and teammate Daniel Morelli. Eventually, the coaches at Clemson find out about Ray’s situation and make Fahmarr leave. Ray moves off-campus in order to keep Fahmarr with him and out of foster care.

Ray begins to feel a glimmer of hope as everyone on the football team helps him care for Fahmarr. Ray improves and excels in football, earning more and more minutes of playing time. Everything is smooth sailing until the NCAA performs an investigation on improper benefits received by Ray and Fahmarr.

From there, a nervous Ray must face the NCAA committee to plead his case. The end result remains a huge part of Clemson history forever.

With its ties to Clemson and heartwarming message of family and football, Safety is easy to love.  Elise Bryant (12) liked the message of the movie, and she was even able to see some of the movie get made.

“I loved the movie Safety!  I was actually at the Clemson game when they filmed some of the scenes, so it was really cool watching it all come together.  The movie had a great message in it for people of all ages.  It is amazing that there is a Disney movie about something so close to home,” Bryant said.

English teacher Gina Rhode is another fan who has high praise for the movie.

“I enjoyed the storyline, and it was such an inspiring movie,” Rhode said. “My favorite part was when Ray’s coach took him to get his little brother out of the foster care system, and they all pitched in to help take care of him. It showed a great sense of community and love. It truly takes a village to raise a child.”