School Musicians Tackle the Internet

Several students have created Instagram accounts showing off their musical talents


Photos courtesy I. McQueen and A. Becknell

Both Anna Becknell (11) and Isabella McQueen (10) have Instagram accounts featuring their musical talents.

Riley Regnier, Social Media Coordinator

Social media has become a popular place for artists of all kinds to share their work with the world and get their names out there. Many musicians use these platforms to allow other people to see their music and give feedback. 

Anna Becknell (11) runs a music Instagram account called that she has had for roughly two years. Becknell is also heavily involved in band and choir and has participated in school theatre productions. She has been making music for as long as she can remember and even put on mini-concerts for her family when she was younger. Becknell believes singing and music are something she can always count on no matter what’s going on in the rest of her life.  

“I wanted to start my music account for a lot of reasons. However, one of the main ones was to gain confidence and courage in my music. I think that if I have enough bravery to post myself singing on Instagram, even though it makes me uncomfortable, it will better my self-esteem in the future when performing,” Becknell said. “Also, a bunch of my friends pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and create the account.”

Becknell has been taking voice lessons at Converse College for a few years and says they have greatly helped her singing technique, and she highly recommends them for people who are trying to improve their vocals. She plays the piano, baritone ukulele, the French horn, the mellophone, and is even trying to learn guitar in addition to her singing talents.

Becknell attributes her middle school band director, Dr. Vern Weygandt, as a mentor who has greatly impacted her musical journey. She appreciates his guidance and support that has helped her pursue the music that she loves and now shares on social media.

Becknell enjoys the messages she receives on her account. They help her determine what an audience likes best and what she can improve on. Receiving song requests is another bonus of running the account, as she loves knowing that someone wants to hear a song. On the account, followers have shown the most love for her cover of “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. The support she generates from her audience inspires her continue to post the content that she loves and wants to share.

To me, my account allows me to express myself freely and show others what I love to do. Also, I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, like me, and make accounts! For instance, I recently helped one of my younger friends to create one, and it was so sweet to see them come out of their shell and create what they love.” Becknell said. 

All of her posts have special meaning to her, and she hopes to bring joy to the people who listen. Singing is something she plans on doing for a long time to come and she hopes to continue to grow and improve musically.  

Isabella McQueen (10) also runs a music account called, and she has had the account for roughly two years. McQueen has always loved music but really started to get into it in the sixth grade. She took a few singing lessons in middle school but is now mainly self-taught in voice and a variety of instruments. She plays the guitar and ukulele and is involved in the SHS orchestra where she plays the violin.  

To me, my account allows me to express myself freely and show others what I love to do. Also, I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, like me, and make accounts!

— Anna Becknell

“My favorite part about running the account is the feedback; people commenting and helping me get better is definitely the best part,” McQueen said.

She has a good support system from family and friends who are honest and help her work on the things she needs to fix. Her sisters have been the most impactful audience and are always ready to hear her music and give constructive feedback. McQueen says feedback has been very impactful on her music journey. She loves hearing from her followers and what they think best fits her voice and style of music.  

“The song I wrote and posted would be the most important song to me on my account so far, that song is like a part of me so it’s special that I can share something I created with my friends and family,” McQueen said.

McQueen has shared heartfelt songs and is excited to send out more songs that she’s written. Every time she posts a new video, it becomes her favorite one on her account because she likes to hear the growth in her abilities.  

McQueen hopes that music will always be a part of her life and maybe even incorporate it into her career if she gets the opportunity. She is grateful for the confidence and growth she has found through her account and hopes by posting more, she will inspire others.