Q & A with Khalid Wannamaker

Senior basketball standout handles virtual schedule with ease


Photo by L. Hayes

Khalid Wannamaker (12) competitively plays for the Vikings basketball team while remaining a virtual student.

Ford Daniels, Virtual Student Editor

How has your virtual school status affected your work? Positively/Negatively or a mixture of both? It has been a mixture of both. It’s a tough task to do work while just sitting at home because I’m used to having free time when I’m at home. Meanwhile, when I’m physically at school it is much easier to do my assignments. 


How has your virtual school status affected you socially and emotionally? Virtual school really hasn’t affected me socially, but it has emotionally. Sometimes, I wonder will I be able to complete all of my assignments via virtual because it’s not an easy task. 


Describe the process of playing on the basketball team as a virtual student. Is it more difficult, easier, or about the same? Playing basketball and being a virtual student isn’t that hard of a challenge. It only becomes hard when I start slacking upon doing my work. 


How would you change the process of playing on the basketball team as a virtual student, or would you change it at all? I could leave it how it is because it’s easy to manage. I tend to do my work before going to practice or a game. 


What advice would you give to a person who wishes to play basketball as a virtual student? I would tell a person that’s a basketball player and wishes to be a virtual student to manage their time wisely and stay consistent with your assignments. If not, it will get tough later on throughout the year.