Vaulting the Competition

New pole vaulting coach Kaitlyn Frost brings experience to the pole vaulting team


Photo courtesy N. Carroll

Will Delaney (12) and Lydia Vereen (12) and other pole vaulters are looking forward to the track season with a new coach.

Will Eaton, Sports Co-Editor

When it comes to Vikings pole vaulting, the team considers itself a family. For the 2021 season, the Vikings are adding a new member to that family, as Kaitlyn Frost takes over as the pole vaulting head coach.

Frost graduated from Spartanburg High school in 2016.  Ever since she was in seventh grade, Frost was involved in pole vaulting and managed to rack up a lot of experience. Through those years, her coach was one of her biggest cheerleaders. He saw potential in Frost from a young age and helped guide her to become a coach. Throughout college, Frost coached beside him until she took the helm. Now, she has the opportunity to guide the next wave of pole vaulters.

Lydia Vereen (12) is one of those student-athletes. She started pole vaulting in eighth grade because it looked different and exciting to her. Vereen likes pole vaulting because she has the opportunity to hang out with friends at practice and feel the rush of clearing heights. With all the fun, however, Vereen has learned valuable life lessons.

“I’ve learned that I have more motivation than I thought because usually when things are hard, I give up, but with pole vault you learn you have to try over and over to get better,” Vereen said.

Will Delaney (12) is another pole vaulter on the team. He likes the fact that he can compete with his teammates, and he is looking forward to the new coach because of her experience. Delaney, like Vereen, has learned lessons from pole vaulting.

“I have learned bravery through pole vaulting,” Delaney said. “Running full speed towards a bar and having all of your momentum shift upward in an instant teaches anyone bravery.”

This year, Frost is looking forward to everyone coming together to do the sport they love while also having a lot of fun.

“Pole vaulting is pretty much like a family,” Frost said. “It’s a family between teammates and teammates on other teams, no matter if they are rivals or not. My goal this year is to give everyone a good season and have fun while doing it.”