Q & A with Hannah Keen


Photo courtesy H. Keen

Hannah Keen (10) virtually attends Spartanburg High’s Scholars Academy program.

Ford Daniels, Virtual Student Editor

How has your virtual school status affected your work? Positively,  negatively,  or a mixture of both?

 “In the beginning of quarantine, my work seemed to improve, and so far, this year it had remained average for me.” 

How has your virtual school status affected you socially and emotionally?

 “Socially, it’s a lot harder to talk to people, since the main way I talked to friends was through school. It’s seemed to effect my mental health in more negative ways since I’m basically at home all day and I don’t get to see anyone for the most part. There doesn’t seem like much I can do.” 

Describe the process of attending  college  classes  virtually,  as a high school student. 

“I basically just wake up, get ready and join the online meetings where the in-person students are. I get about a ten-minute break between the classes, and I leave when the in-person students leave.” 

How would you change the  process of attending your college classes virtually, or would you change it at  all? 

 “It varies from class to class. Some classes constantly ask questions to specific students and everyone always speaks in class. In these classes we usually go to breakout groups and feel included. Others, however, seem to not recognize we’re there and don’t communicate with us online. It really depends on the teachers you get.” 

What advice would you give to a person that wishes to attend college classes as a high school student?

“Procrastinating is the big thing. As long as you get everything done whenever you can, it’ll be an easier experience. A lot of it is just having the motivation to do the assignments and having a good work ethic that helps in the long run.”