Quiet Power

The secret strengths of introverts

Grace Till, Co-Editor In Chief/News Editor

Photo courtesy amazon.com

Being quiet is often seen as a weakness. Those who are louder and more involved tend to gain more power in societyHowever, Susan Cain explores the strengths of introversion in her book Quiet Power. The guide outlines different ways to navigate the world as an introvert, and it has inspired me to embrace my inner shyness.  

Cain begins by offering a short quiz that denotes where one lies on the introversion/extroversion spectrum. She asks basic questions about classroom scenarios and energy levels when in large groups. This test helps the reader gauge his character and is a solid evaluation of personality before she really delves into deep analysis.  

Cain presents her arguments based on real-life scenarios and facts. For instance, she references Bill Gates, who launched Microsoft into a largely powerful corporation, as a self-proclaimed introvert. By using real-world examples, the idea that introversion is both powerful and meaningful becomes substantial.  

What most resonates with me from Cain’s book is her emphasis on introvert’s ability to listen. I found that I am a good listener, which allows me to be more empathetic and form deep relationships. By gaining this knowledge, I have become more confident in my personality and am grateful for my abilities as an introvert.  

Quiet Power is among one of the most worthwhile, resonating books I have ever read. It is a simple guide that is full of confidence-boosting information. If you happen to be an introvert, or desire to know more about quietness in general, I highly recommend this book.