Blue Moon Grows Green for Fundraiser

Local restaurant takes a homegrown, healthy approach to Southern foods.


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Blue Moon is popular for both their frozen meals and various seasonal dining options. They are known for valuing fresh and seasonal foods.

Dev Patel, Sports Co-Editor

Blue Moon Specialty Foods in downtown Spartanburg has been producing and selling homegrown products in the Carolinas for years. They’ve sold produce to local businesses such as the Hub City Market and the restaurants of downtown Spartanburg, as well as across the state to businesses located in Charleston. Blue Moon was founded by Chris “Wishbone” Walker in 2006 and started as  one of the initial vendors of the Hub City Market. They offer a dine-in breakfast and lunch service, food catering, and a broad selection of market produce and foods.  

Lillian Delaney (9) has been to Blue Moon before and thinks the food is amazing.

“I thought Blue Moon’s food was amazing. I loved their cinnamon rolls, and I think that they have a variety of exceptionally good seasonings.  However, my personal favorite at Blue Moon is their original Yep shake,” Delaney said. 

Blue Moon Specialty Foods was founded in 2016 and has been providing fresh foods ever since. (Photo courtesy

Walker recently began producing fresh tomatoes for a plant fundraiser in his Blue Moon Garden at the start of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic. Walker’s tomatoes have been perfected for years and have more flavor than the average market’s tomato. Walker has been growing tomatoes since he was little in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and has been experimenting with which type of tomato has the most enhanced taste. After years of experimenting, Walker has limited his favorite options to Red Roma tomatoes, Pink Cherry tomatoes, and Cherokee purples which he currently offers in his garden. Walker sells the tomatoes in order to help out four local nonprofits: Partners for Active Living, Spartanburg Area Conservancy, Hub City Farmers Market, and Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve. He was able to sell 1,000 tomato crops for five dollars each, with two dollars of each purchase being split evenly with the local nonprofits.  

Sophie Butehorn (11) enjoys working at Blue Moon in her free time over the weekend.

“I love working there. I’ve made a lot of great friendships – and the food is amazing, flavorful and fresh,” Butehorn said.