Crumbl Cookie Craze

The dessert that is sweeping the internet


Photo courtesy S. Barre

Sallie Barre (11) excitedly opens her fresh box of Crumbl Cookies.

Riley Regnier, Entertainment Editor

The cookie craze that has taken the internet by storm was no accident. The marketing team of the up-and-coming cookie company, Crumbl Cookie, has played to the interests of today’s youth by prioritizing their advertisements on social media sites.  

The company’s founders, a pair of cousins, first opened the bakery in 2017 in Logan, Utah. With what started as chocolate chip cookies available for takeout and delivery has only spiraled in recent months into a variety of services and flavors. The company prides itself on giving customers the opportunity to see their cookies being made in real time, adding to the bakery’s homey appeal.  

Crumbl Cookie is not a traditional bakery.  The company draws in new customers by releasing a new line of four to five flavors every week. They offer a wide and unique range of flavors, taking inspiration from other desserts such as pies, cakes and candies. The company has also strived to include vegan and dairy-free options to include more people with dietary restrictions. 

Madelyn Stephens (9) visited the Greenville location after hearing about the cookies on TikTok.  

“I heard about it through social media and other people,” Stephens said. “The hype of the flavors depends on the week of cookies. One of the weeks that I went it was so good!”  

After building their company, the cousins brought their creation to social media in hopes of reaching an even wider audience. They created social media accounts on different websites to bring their business into discussions on the internet. The viral dessert has hindered hundreds of TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat videos, bringing in millions of views, shares and likes. But not all have been as quick to praise the company. 

Genevieve Boucher (12) experienced the cookies over the summer with friends, but was not as easily impressed.

“It was way too expensive for something that is extremely average,” Boucher said. 

While most of the responses have been complimentary of the company, Boucher is not alone in her view. Internet users have been fast to point out the company’s understaffed locations and long delivery times.  

Despite the backlash, customers are willing to overlook complaints, allowing the company to open over 200 stores in over 30 states, making it the fastest growing cookie company in the nation.  

Mary Mac Evans (11), whose favorite cookie is their signature chocolate chip cookie, heard about the cookies from TikTok. 

“The cookies were really good and warm, but it was overhyped,” Evans said.