Celebrities Moving to Modern Media

Famous entertainment professionals make the move to content creator


Photo illustration by R. Regnier

Taking YouTube by storm, Brie Larson and the Royal Family begin a trend of celebrities using modern media.

Riley Regnier, Entertainment Editor

In Hollywood, where the number of likes and followers determines income, traditional celebrities have made the switch to modern media to stay relevant. Film stars, stage performers and musicians have shifted their focus from large crews and live shows to entertaining online.  

Due to the pandemic, having large crowds of people together in one space for extended periods of time is no longer deemed safe. People whose jobs depend on these crowds are learning to adapt and find newer ways to output relevant content. 

Brie Larson, Jessica Chastain, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have all taken up roles as influencers as they have opened accounts to stay relevant in the public eye.  

Oscar award winning actress Brie Larson created a YouTube channel called “Brie is Online!” Her account has gained over 600,000 subscribers who follow along as she posts Q&As, cooking sessions and general lifestyle videos.  

Cassidy Scheer (10) is a longtime fan of the actress and appreciates Larson’s authenticity in her YouTube journey.  

“I love her YouTube channel!  I like when celebrities are down to earth, and her YouTube channel makes me feel like I personally know her,” Scheer said. “I personally think that more celebrities should do this, but if they are going to put on a façade, then they shouldn’t because it’s better when they are themselves.” 

Critically acclaimed actress Jessica Chastain has recently been praised referring to her online vulnerability and how involved she is with her fanbase according to nme.com. She is credited for running her own Instagram page and giving her followers interactive opportunities such as giveaways and Instagram Lives. She also has a verified account on TikTok where she has participated in dancing videos, trending challenges, and more. Chastain has reportedly made it a priority to stay in touch with her fans, especially during the pandemic and the lack of opportunity for in person interactions. She has 3.8 million followers on Instagram and over 725,000 follower on TikTok. 

“I love talking to you guys on here. You guys are my besties,” Chastain said on a recent Instagram Live.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, shocked internet users everywhere when they announced the launch of their YouTube channel, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” which has acquired over 600,000 subscribers. During the pandemic, the royal couple was extra “hands on” with their official Instagram page in an effort to increase their ability to outreach to the communities from Kensington Palace. They also conducted formal charity meetings over Zoom and then uploaded them to both their Instagram page and YouTube channel in contrast to the traditional broadcast on the television stations in England. While their YouTube channel has been made personal, it is still very different from the more popular YouTube family creators, with the intention of protecting their safety and privacy. 

Katie Reynolds (11) has been following the royal family for years and has greatly enjoyed their newest project.  

“I think this was a good move because they are reaching more people,” Reynolds said. “ It would be cool to see what a normal day would be like for them.”