Burg’s Kitchen October Issue


Photo by R. Regnier

Dev Patel (11) and Lars Harris (11) pose at the entrance of Delaney’s Irish Pub.

Dev Patel, Lars Iven , Sports Co-Editors

Burg’s Kitchen is a local food review produced by Dev Patel (11) and Lars Harris (11). Every restaurant we visit will be evaluated on the following criteria: presentation, taste and the likeliness of returning.  Delaney’s Irish Pub has the honor of being the first Burg’s Kitchen review.

When we visited Delaney’s Irish Pub on a Sunday night at around 7:30 pm, we were directed to a table immediately and were served our food quickly. The environment of the restaurant was dark and almost gloomy, however the atmosphere was illuminated by the people gathered by the bar to watch NFL Sunday Night Football and the Irish themed decorations. After our dinner, we had to wait over an hour just to receive our checks, although this is a common problem with restaurants currently due to the pandemic.

Environment: 6.5/10


We ordered a variety of cuisine at Delaney’s Irish Pub. Three appetizers stood out to us, and we were excited to test them out.  These starters consisted of Cheese Fries, Fried Pickles and The Santa Fe Nacho Dip. The presentation of the Cheese Fries was a bit sloppy, however we enjoyed the gooeyness of the cheese and the crispiness of the fries. The Fried Pickles had a decent initial taste however left an unpleasing aftertaste from the excess grease. The Santa Fe Nacho Dip took the crown for favorite appetizer. It consisted of chicken, beef, beans, roasted corn and jalapeños. The dip was also served with salted tortilla chips.  The appetizers overall were satisfactory with respectable portion sizes.

Cheese Fries’ Price: $10.29

Fried Pickles’ Price: $7.79

The Santa Fe Nacho Dip’s Price: $8.79

Dev’s Opinion:

Presentation: 3.5/5

Taste 4.2/5

Lars’s Opinion:

Presentation: 3/5

Taste 4.5/5


For the entrée, Lars got “Delaney’s World Famous Irish Whiskey Steak” Sandwich. The sandwich had a strong tang that he did not enjoy that much, but the tenderness of the meat made up for this. Although Lars is not a big fan of sweet potato fries, he gave them a shot, and he found them to be halfway decent, to say the least.

Dev got the Beyond Burger.  The burger was lacking a proper bottom bun and was sloppy. The impossible meat was disappointing compared to the ones he’s had in the past, mostly having a raw taste. He ordered a side of mac & cheese and thought it had a great portion size and nailed most of the classic flavors of mac & cheese. Overall, he found his entrée dissatisfying, considering the overpriced burger to being limited on ingredients included.

Beyond Burger Price: $12.29

Mac & Cheese Price: $2.29

“Delaney’s World Famous Irish Whiskey Steak” Sandwich: $12.29

Sweet Potato Fries Price: $2.29

Dev’s & Lars’s Opinions

Presentation: 3/5

Taste: 3/5

Final Thoughts

We both decided to place Delaney’s Irish Pub on our list of “maybe returning” to the restaurant because some of the unsatisfactory elements on our visit could easily be fixed for someone else’s visit. In conclusion, we think the prices at Delaney’s are consistent and would be in the mid-price range ($$). Overall, on our Dev & Lars scale, Delaney’s receives a 3 out of 5.