Viking Vocals Take on the Stage

Choir offers talented singers the chance to shine


Photo courtesy M. Allen

Anne Phillips sings “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley with Lisa Cunningham playing the piano at Club Allegro.

Marlee Allen

 Being a part of the choir at Spartanburg High School is more than just singing and performing. It is also the opportunity for students to come together socially through activities and events.  Choir also gives students the chance to explore colleges and programs and allows artists to find themselves musically. Main activities in choir are Club Allegro, All-State, the choir trip, the choir retreat, big buddy/little buddy and the District 7 play.   

All-State and Club Allegro allow those with a love for music and performance to shine. Students are able to showcase their talents and let loose. All-State gives singers sight reading music to practice for auditions to get into All-State choirs. With the All-State weekend, those singers who made the cut and the choir teachers practice with other musicians for their concert. While at All- State, singers get to meet singers from different schools that all have the same goal.  

Abby Furrow (10) is in the Choristers class and auditioned for All-State.  

“Waiting for the results is so nerve racking. It was so exciting practicing for it and now I can’t wait to see if I got in,” Furrow said. 

Club Allegro is an event that can also be auditioned for, but mostly those performers who consider themselves more outgoing do. Those who want to show off their skill can audition to sing in this community-attended event to raise money for the choir. All proceeds from Club Allegro are used for scholarships for deserving seniors later in the year.  

The choir trip and choir retreat are both activities done for fun, and the money paid goes towards individual accounts for fees and membership auditions. The trip destinations range from Chicago, New York and other exciting places. Due to COVID-19, the choir was not allowed to have a trip last year, and this year’s trip will only be for one day in Gatlinburg. Something similar but not done outside of the school is the retreat. The choir retreat allows those with a common hobby to become friends and those who are friends to become closer.  

Grayson Mann (11), who has been doing choir since freshman year, loves the choir trip and can’t wait for the next one.  

“The choir trip gives people who are not in the same grade or class a chance to get to know each other,” Mann said. 

The choir trip gives people who are not in the same grade or class a chance to get to know each other.

— Grayson Mann

The Little Buddy to Big Buddy system is an activity that allows new choir members to meet older choir members and get more comfortable. This system makes sure no one is left out and alone. This leads to close friendships that can last forever.  Choir teacher Lisa Cunningham, took “forever” seriously with her best friend, who she met in choir.  

“My very best friend was in choir with me all four years of high school and 40 years later, we’re still best friends,” Cunningham said.

One final way that members of the choir can socialize is through the annual District 7 play.  This year’s show, Memphis, is not only for choir members but for anyone. This was supposed to be the district musical in 2020, but due to COVID-19, it was canceled until this year. Gabby Rogers (10), has been designated as the main lady in Memphis, Felicia Farrell. She’s very excited for the play to start up again.

“I am so excited to be staring Felicia Farrell in this play, and I looking forward to showing and acting with my cast mates. Also I am thankful to the directs for giving me this opportunity,” Rogers said.