Snapping Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

The SHS Photography Staff makes sure moments last forever


Photo by A. Eaton

Autumn Johnson (11) snaps pictures in the Viking Arena for photography.

Dev Patel, Sports Co-Editor

Photography is an art form that captures memorable experiences through images. For many years, Spartanburg High School’s publication classes have been able to produce SAGA and Norse News for the school through the aid of the photography staff. Student photographers also assist with the recent addition of the online student newspaper. Galleries feature various works by student photographers on a monthly basis. 

The class is full of student-led assignments, which allows students to learn and work independently on projects and improve their photography skills with plenty of practice. The staff members work at their own pace while in a laid-back environment allowing for artistic freedom.  

Eliza Petty (12) feels as if the class is her family and appreciates the tremendous support all around the class. 

“I have been a part of this class for my junior and senior years. I elected to take the class because I wanted to explore and understand a unique and new art form,” Petty said. 

The class requires students to take pictures, edit them and add photo credits for the yearbook. The staff has practiced and studied how to properly take photos through the use of capturing motion, shutter speed and correct lighting. Members on the staff are assigned a section of the yearbook and in order to receive credit for assignments, must work in cooperation with the yearbook staff to create layouts and select appropriate photos. 

Eryn Wagner (11) enjoys getting to go to the games of different sports after school to take pictures.  

“I have gotten to learn different camera angles and how to use the lenses.  I selected the class because I wanted to join an organization centered around something I relish,” Wagner said.

“I have gotten to learn different camera angles and how to use the lenses. I selected the class because I wanted to join an organization centered around something I relish.””

— Eryn Wagner

Photographers also work with members of the Norse News staff on their monthly, student-created publication.  In order to assist, students receive photo assignments related to stories featured within that month’s newspaper.  Student photographers are also featured online in the Gallery section of the newspaper.  This offers photographers the opportunity to show off their work at special events like Homecoming, athletic signings and Prom. 

Shimon Smith (10) decided to take the course to improve his photography by learning more about the different techniques to develop his photography. Smith thinks becoming better at something he is fond of will allow him to better himself overall as a student. 

“I chose the class because we get to learn how to use the cameras while getting to be  social and meet various of students throughout the school. I can’t wait to continue working with my fellow classmates,” Smith said.