Let’s Dance!

First semester of new dance class allows students to explore the arts through physical activity


Photo by G. Boucher

The dance class welcomes dancers of all levels of experience to learn together.

Riley Regnier, Entertainment Editor

After careful consideration and an aim to bring an active art elective to the school, a dance course was added to the Spartanburg High School class list this fall. The program started this semester with teacher and professional dancer, Demery Trantham.  

 Trantham has been dancing for 11 years in different capacities including competitive dance, collegiate dance, professional dance and dancing internationally. She has been honored to dance at events such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Sugar Bowl Half Time Finale, at Disney World, and in Italy’s Sant ’Agata Square. She feels dance has kept her grounded and consistent in most of her major life changes.  

“In the dance program at Spartanburg High, I hope to help raise a community of not only creative and intelligent dancers, but also young adults. I hope that my class is one that my students look forward to and talk about outside of class,” Trantham said. “I hope to meet the creative needs of my students, but also create an environment in which my students feel comfortable sharing what’s going on in their lives with me. I hope that my classroom is a haven for my students and anyone who enters.” 

Carver Middle School has also installed this program. Trantham teaches at the middle school from 1st—4th periods and then at the high school for 6th and 7th periods. At both schools, she makes it a point to remind the students of the fun involved in dance and how it can inspire them, like it has for her. She also recognizes the challenges she faces walking into a new program. She hopes to show her dancers how to use any rough patch as an opportunity to learn and grow. By facing challenges with a good attitude, Trantham hopes to better the program at both schools, for current and future students.  

Breanna Atkins (10) previously danced at a dance studio in King’s Mountain, N.C. She wasn’t originally planning on taking the class, but is glad to be a part of it now. 

“So far, the dance class has been time consuming and very entertaining! Everyone in the class seems to love it, which I love it too,” Atkins said.   

In the future, Trantham hopes for the class to host performances and recitals. In order to put on these shows, students will work on fostering their choreographic abilities and showcasing the work of the dancers.  Trantham believes creating dances to perform and performing in front of an audience is one of the most critical aspects to the art.  

Reyna Castillejos (9) does not have a background in dance but finds the class enjoyable.  

It is fun and interesting. I honestly didn’t think I would like the class because I didn’t know anything about dance or how to dance, but I took this class and now I know,” Castillejos said. “I hope to continue to learn more about dance. It’s very fun once you learn the dances and people in the class are sweet and so is the teacher.”