Super Bowl Storytelling

Friends and families gather to watch the Super Bowl, creating traditions

One of the most well-liked Super Bowl Halftime performances was that of Katy Perry in Super Bowl XLIX.

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One of the most well-liked Super Bowl Halftime performances was that of Katy Perry in Super Bowl XLIX.

Will Eaton, Op-Ed Editor

When winter rolls around, many families get excited for the potential of snow and cancellations across the world. This is natural, as these are seen as family traditions that happen every year. But another major family experience comes into full swing at the end of the NFL playoffs: the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the annual contest to see who the national champion of American football is. About 100 million people tune in worldwide to watch the contest, each bringing their own exciting events and unique style to watching the rowdy contest.

Jeffery Santon, a writer for, outlines why it is important to have Super Bowl traditions, and why the whole experience is special to so many people. From a player and fan perspective, it’s obvious that everyone shares some traditions.

“First off, to begin the festivities we have a day dedicated to the media, where they ask all of the questions everyone else is dying to know,” Santon said. “From what songs a player sings while showering to the obvious no brainers that anyone would ask if they had a chance to interview a player about to participate in the Super Bowl—like what their favorite color might be.”

Super Bowl parties are common to find in almost any American household. They can contain dozens of guests staring down the screen excitedly, watching to see a last-minute miracle for their favorite team. Or they could be playing a party game with friends or are even just there to watch the spectacle of commercials or the always-popular halftime show featuring all the best musical artists. The point is, no matter who the person or the place, many different people have their own Super Bowl traditions that they look forward to every year.

Trail Pierce (9) is an avid NFL viewer, as he enjoys the games and especially the postseason, which includes the Super Bowl. His favorite memories from watching the spectacle were the New England Patriot’s historic comeback vs the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI and watching the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show with Katy Perry. Pierce also enjoys celebrating the event with friends and family.

“During the Super Bowl, I usually don’t have many big traditions, but my family normally goes to a friend’s house to watch the game,” Pierce said.

Chase Staley (11) also enjoys watching the Super Bowl. Similar to Pierce, Staley enjoyed Super Bowl XLIX, but enjoyed last year’s halftime show with The Weeknd the most.

“My favorite halftime would have to be The Weeknd from last year’s Super Bowl (2021). I was familiar with almost all the songs and how could you not like The Weeknd?” Staley said.

Staley likes to watch the game with his family every year with his family, which has turned into a pretty big tradition for him.

“Some of the many traditions my family has during the Super Bowl include making bets or predictions on the final score and winner, cooking many appetizers, and eating them throughout the game, wearing jerseys, and watching the commercials,” Staley said.