Burg’s Kitchen February Issue


Photo courtesy GoUpstate.com

Rigsby’s Smoked Burgers, Wings, and Grill opens up where the old Hub City Co-Op previously was located.

Dev Patel, Lars Iven, Sports Co-Editors


Burg’s Kitchen is a local food review produced by Dev Patel (11) and Lars Harris (11). Every restaurant visited will be evaluated on the following criteria: presentation, taste and the likeliness of returning. This issue Lars and Dev went to Rigsby’s Smoked Burgers, Wings, and Grill.

(Sadly Dev could not join for this month’s review.)

When I visited Rigsby’s Smoked Burgers, Wings and Grill at 5:30 on Sunday, we were seated fairly quickly considering it was playoff Sunday. The atmosphere was quite interesting, as the restaurant was spaced out with decently-large booths and several big screen TVs broadcasting the Buccaneers and Rams game. The menu was large and had various types of foods and appetizers accommodating to vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Environment: 9.5/10


For the appetizer, I had the Loaded Brisket Fries for a total of $12.99. The fries did not disappoint. The brisket was well roasted and juicy, drizzled with scallions on top.

Presentation: 3.9/5

Taste: 3.5/5


I had the Santa Fe Burger with a side of fries for a total of $12.99. The burger came with pepper jack cheese, crisp tortilla chips, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh guacamole and Santa Fe Sauce. I was not the biggest fan of the Santa Fe sauce, but the meat and ingredients were fresh and savory when put together.

Presentation 3.9/5



For dessert, I had the Strawberry Milkshake for a total of $6. The milkshake was made from fresh strawberries and creamy custard.

Presentation: 3/5

Taste: 4.5/5

Final Thoughts

I personally enjoyed the environment, which is great for any sport enthusiast with outdoor heated seating and large televisions. The service was great. The employees were very helpful and seemed to really enjoy their job. The prices were in the mid-range, but Rigsby’s has earned a spot on the ‘would return” list with an overall ranking of 4.6/5.