Past, Present, Future

The SAGA yearbook staff shares important stories for all Vikings


Photo by C. Colbath

The yearbook staff works to preserve precious memories.

Caroline Colbath, Viking Voices Co-Editor

For the entire school year, the yearbook class, also known as SAGA, works diligently to get the final book finished by the February deadline. The class, consisting of 14 students, works together to create a work of art that represents the school year and the events that took place in it.

The class has a special process in order to finish the yearbook on time every year. They select a theme the spring prior to its release and assign staff positions and stories to evenly divide the work.  

Lilly Sophie Krick-Aigner (12) has been in the class for three years and acts as a leader in the class by helping with the process of making the yearbook by assigning positions and being the Ads Editor. 

“During the summer, we sell ads and then starting the next year we assign stories, staff positions and meet with a cover designer,” Krick-Aigner said. “Then until late winter and into early spring, we work to complete our spreads and gather photos and quotes. The whole process can be lengthy, but it is fun working alongside a great staff.” 

In order to have a complete summary of the school year, the SAGA staff includes all of the various clubs and activities available.  

Symir Nelson (10) has almost completed his first year on the SAGA staff and loves the warm environment the class fosters. 

“My favorite part of SAGA was learning about the students of our school. I think that it is our job to represent all the students and clubs at the high school,” Nelson said. “We have a whole section dedicated to all our clubs called Clubademics, and it displays all the clubs of our school to give them recognition.” 

Another important component of the yearbook class is the assistance the students receive from the photography class.  The two classes work hand-in-hand to coordinate photos that are featured within the SAGA yearbook.

Photography Editor Lily Hayes (12) feels her role in helping to produce the yearbook is important.

“It’s exciting for me to go to events and take photos that capture our school spirit,” Hayes said. “I am glad to be able to use one of my hobbies to help produce something meaningful.”

As the staff eagerly awaits the release of the 2021-2022 yearbook, they are already planning ahead by brainstorming ideas and selecting positions for the next school year.  The SAGA staff keeps the theme and design of the yearbook a secret until its release in May.

Sallie Barre (11) is excited about the upcoming release of this year’s book. As a rising senior, she helps the class and new staff members. 

“I think the best part is the cover and theme. We have worked really hard on it and came up with some really fun stuff. I can’t wait for it to be released,” Barre said. “I am most excited to be a senior and get to lead a lot of the class next year. I am also excited to come up with new ideas and tie it all together to make an amazing book!”