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The Delirium series books beside each other

Marlee Allen, Writer

Delirium is a young adult dystopian novel about unforbidden love. It was published January 1, 2011 by Lauren Oliver. It starts off the New York Times bestselling trilogy series by Oliver. The main character, Lena Haloway, is a teenager who waits for a surgery to take away the “disease,” which is love. Everyone who turns 18 has to get the surgery to ensure the safety of them and those around them. 

Lena has no reason for love, as her mother was killed, due to her having love in her system. She lives with her aunt who makes sure Lena is ready for her evaluation and knows what needs to be done. Everyone needs an evaluation for picks of their possible spouse. Their spouse has to have similar intelligence, likes, etc. Lena’s best friend, Hana is her definition of perfect and is also getting ready for the surgery. She is not so accepting about it and throughout the book she gives Lena ideas that allow her to figure out what she actually wants, not just what her family and those around her want. 

As Lena is going through this process, she meets someone who brings a whole different person out of her. She falls in love while fighting it from fear, and has to decide what action she should take that would decide her future. 

Delirium can make readers either want to change the decisions of Lena or cheer her on. Lena’s development and change of character is the best for the book, and readers cannot wait to move to the second book, Pandemonium, to see what she will do next. Delirium leaves readers on a major cliffhanger, leaving their hearts torn out, and all their hope out of the window.  

Lauren Oliver found a very interesting topic and has caught many eyes of the teens in the world.