Inventing Anna

New Netflix series captivates drama-loving viewers


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Actress Julia Garner portrays the socialite-scammer in the hit show, “Inventing Anna.”

Marlee Allen, Writer

“Inventing Anna” is a true story made into show on Netflix. The story is of an outgoing young woman who claims to be from a wealthy German family, going by the name Anna Delvey. Her real name is Anna Sorokin, but she does not reveal this to everyone. Anna goes throughout all of New York convincing friends and businesspeople to fund her “project” which inevitably goes to funding her lavish lifestyle. In the beginning, it shows a reporter going to question her about what happened during her time in New York and digs deeper to find even more that Anna does not tell her about. The story gets the viewers’ brains working and wishing they could finesse their way through New York just like “Anna Delvey” did.  

Tally Pruett, English teacher, was fascinated by “Inventing Anna” and had much to say about the show.  

“Inventing Anna is fiction come to life. Anna Delvey is truly a female version of Gatsby based on a real person named Anna Sorokin who convinces major hotels to let her run up huge tabs and wealthy Manhattan socialites to finance her expenses posing as an invented German heiress,” Pruett said. “You’ll find yourself rooting for her the same way readers hoped for Gatsby because you really want the journalist to get to publish her story! I highly recommend the show.”  

Anna Sorokin stole about 275,000 dollars from the best hotels and banks by spinning lies and her affirmative attitude. She also stole thousands of dollars from her wealthy friends that had the promise from her saying she would pay them back. She used their money for trips, clothes, etc. After they asked for their money back, she left, leaving them in the dirt. Viewers can see how confidence can take someone very far and convince people of things that are nowhere close to the truth. She created friendships quickly, making everyone to want to be like her, with her confidence and careless attitude. She broke those friendships just as quickly when she got what she wanted. She moved like a predator hunting prey. 

Anna Grace Babbis (9) is very impressed by Anna and how she moved her way through very wealthy people and loved watching the show.  

“I thought Inventing Anna was a great show. It is a true story and I like that it showed people that there are real con artists today. Every time I watched an episode, I would have to watch another to find out what happens next,” Babbis said. “There was a lot of excitement and I think Netflix did a wonderful job on the show.” 

Netflix grabbed look-alikes to play the part in this story about Anna Delvey and her life of mischief. They portrayed the scenes great and had viewers itching to watch more. Even though this story happened in 2018, people are still very interested in this story, as it now mainly gets to the public’s eye.  

Isabelle Colón (10) also watched “Inventing Anna” during her free time. 

“When I read the introduction of the show, it caught my attention and I was not disappointed,” Colón said.