A Hollywood Red Carpet Event

Junior and senior prom creates a night of memories for upperclassmen


Photo by C. Colbath

Dancing the night away, juniors and seniors take on the dance floor.

Caroline Colbath, Viking Voices Co-Editor

On Saturday, April 23, juniors and seniors alike dressed in their finest dresses and tuxes for prom. The theme of this year’s prom was “A Hollywood Red Carpet Event,” which inspired students to wear their most glamorous gowns and most impressive tuxes to match the theme. Patrons from all different social circles were able to dance and party together at Indigo Hall.

The most unforgettable part of prom for many is being able to dress up. Mia Weathers (11) loved showing off her style at prom.
“My favorite thing about prom was getting to see everyone dressed up and how fun it was getting to dress up for it,” Weathers said.

Hosted at Indigo Hall for the first time in two years, upperclassmen prom is a long-honored tradition at Spartanburg High School. The Student Council worked hard to set up and decorate a memorable event for the juniors and seniors. Almost instantly, Indigo Hall went from an empty room to an elegant ballroom and dining room with string lights and crystal-clear balloons. Floral bouquets adorned the dining tables and filled the rooms with a pleasant aroma.

Sahaan Lawrence (12) went to prom with a date as a senior.

“I think my favorite part was having the chance to get dressed up and hang out with all my friends. I went with a date and a group of our friends,” Lawrence said.

Indigo Hall’s high ceiling ballroom made for great acoustics, which helped amplify the sound of the DJ’s speakers in order to reach all the patrons. The attending students were able to request songs from the DJ so that everyone could sing along and dance to their hearts’ content.

Savanah Prescott (12) enjoyed going to prom with her friends.

“I loved being able to get ready with my friends and then spend the whole night having fun with them. Overall, I view it as an extremely fun and positive experience,” Prescott said.

When the patrons first walk ed into Indigo Hall, they were greeted by a dazzling sign and a ceremonial red carpet. The lady’s dresses reflected the extravagant theme as they walked down the red carpet. The tables and chairs were available in the dining room to any students who wished to take a break from dancing. Underclassmen student council officers offered drinks and refreshments such as cake pops, cupcakes and sparkling grape juice to the patrons. On the dance floor, students danced and conversed, enjoying the night to its fullest.

Michael Pedone (11) attended prom for the first time as a junior.
“I will look back and tell myself I had fun as it was my birthday too. From friends to food to having fun – it was just a great night,” Pedone said.