Earth Blessings

Prayers, poems, and meditations are sources of stress reduction and are collected in June Cotners Earth Blessings.

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Prayers, poems, and meditations are sources of stress reduction and are collected in June Cotner’s “Earth Blessings.”

Grace Till, Co-Editor In Chief/News Editor

Starting school after a six-month hiatus may be daunting- we are out of routine and must get back into a structure. So how do we destress during this hectic time? The answer for some might be poetry. June Cotner’s collection of poems entitled Earth Blessings provides an insightful look into man’s relationship with nature and an escape from daily stress 

Poetry is a means of communicating human emotion in a beautiful way. As author Virginia Woolf once said, “Language is wine upon the lips.” This book encompasses a range of topics, from honoring animals to praise and gratitude to reflections. All topics are rooted in the idea that the human soul has a spiritual connection with nature. Through reading these poems and digging deeper into the meaning of living simply, one may feel at peace with the world and all the beauty the Earth provides.  

One of my favorite poems from this collection is a Carl Sandburg piece known as “Happiness.” He compares wealthy businessmen, who feel stressful and lack happiness, to a family of poor Hungarians, who find joy in simple things like an accordion. The idea sparks a feeling of gratitude, a joy in knowing happiness through the simple things in life. The poem and others like it inspire me to set aside my worries and focus in on what’s important and real.  

I recommend this book to everyonePoetry is an art all people should be acquainted with, and the appeal to nature this collection emphasizes is a universal feeling. All humans share some type of spiritual relationship with nature, regardless of religion, and that is important in keeping a clear mind and knowing one’s place in the worldAs you dive back into your studies, I encourage you to put the books down for a moment, breathe in some fresh air, and fall in love with words.