Celebratory Senior Friday

Parade, yearbook distribution serve to commemorate last year of high school


Photo by C. Idrovo

Posing with the Viking Voyage yearbook, Kirsti McEnroe (12), Elizabeth Skinner (12), Violette Franke (12), Sarah McMeekin (12), Sophie Butehorn (12), and Eliza Hull (12) can’t wait to see what’s inside.

Sarah McMeekin, Co-Editor in Chief

As graduation approaches and seniors begin to place deposits on colleges for the next school year, senior field day provided a fun celebration of memories and accomplishments. Senior field day, which took place on Friday, April 22, consisted of only a half day for seniors after spending the morning doing various outdoor activities and ending with a senior parade around the school.

Yearbooks were distributed in the Valhalla as seniors gathered after checking into their first period classes. The yearbook theme Viking Voyage, paid homage to seniors metaphorically sailing onto their after-graduation plans. Many students brought pens to follow the tradition of writing well wishes and memories in other students’ yearbooks, providing sentimental reflection.

Riley O’Brien (12), co-editor in chief of the SAGA staff, looked forward to sharing her hard work with fellow students.

“This was one of my favorite yearbooks the SAGA staff has ever made. It took a lot of hard work, but it was so worth it, and we loved the end product,” O’Brien said.

An intense volleyball tournament consisted of a bracket of competing teams who flaunted unique team names and uniforms, promoting friendly competition among seniors. Names included the A Team, the Real Housewives of Spartanburg and Aldi’s. Team attire varied from college t-shirts to floral Hawaiian shirts. After many rounds of competition, the two final teams were Aldi’s and the Real Housewives of Spartanburg, with Aldi’s ultimately winning the title. The Aldi’s team was made up of government and economics teacher Joseph Anderson, Mac Salley (12), Langston Green (12), Ross Scheel (12), Burd Satterfield (12) and William Schwartz (12).
Cooper Stone (12) was an asset to the final-two team The Real Housewives of Spartanburg, as he has participated in club volleyball for five years.

“I loved playing volleyball on senior field day,” Stone said. “I got to make a team with my friends and play against other students.”

Inflatable obstacle courses allowed seniors to race their friends up walls and through narrow passageways, proving a popular attraction. The obstacle courses provided another opportunity for friendly competition. Two large courses lined the edge of the football field where senior field day took place.

Various food trucks provided students with refreshments and unique food items. Senior Field Day replaced the food truck lunch day held last year and consisted of similar trucks stationed in the Viking Stadium. Each senior that purchased a yearbook was generously given two free tickets, one to purchase shaved ice and one for pizza. Other popular items included funnel cake, baked goods and sodas.

The final event of the day was the senior parade. After enjoying activities and food, seniors went to the parking lot to decorate cars. Decorations included window markers with “Class of 2022” writing and streamers on the sides and hanging off the back of cars. Seniors piled into the back of trucks and drove around the school, playing music and waving to onlookers. Teachers, students and parents gathered to cheer on passing cars.

Student Body Vice President Sophie Butehorn (12) decorated cars and rode in the back of a truck on the senior parade.

“I thought riding in the senior parade was very sentimental since a lot of parents and other grades came to watch,” Butehorn said. “I enjoyed being with everyone for one last hurrah.”