Showing Real School Spirit

Vikings hope to continue school spirit and tradition


Photo by E. Wagner

The student section gets riled up to support the Vikings under Friday Night Lights.

Eliza Phillips, Sports Co-Editor

One thing that every school desires is having incredible school spirit and classmates that enjoy attending sporting events. Having exhilarating energy can make the environment more upbeat and enjoyable. When one puts positive energy into other people, it is contagious and can help the team be more successful in winning the game. Having pride for one’s school can be a tremendous change for the school and each player’s confidence on the team.

Varsity football player Jayden Brown (12) loves the support that his classmates give during the football games.

“At the home games, the student section is very supportive and gives us fantastic energy for our games,”  Brown said.

Believing in the school’s sports team and giving one’s school the support that it deserves is a huge part of what school spirit is about. Pep rallies are entertaining as well when it comes to classmates getting excited for certain sporting events. Hat days and dress up days are also important in promoting school support.  These events get the classmates energetic and it creates an atmosphere of celebration.

Maribel Washburn (11) helps out by participating in supporting school-related fundraisers like hat days in the mornings.

“I love to support the community through school spirit.  I also show school spirit by supporting and cheering on SHS’s sport’s teams.  I love football game themes and showing my spirit that way,” Washburn said.

Although there are multiple ways for a student to show school spirit, there are other traditions that could be implemented that would promote even more Viking pride.

One idea is bringing back the Viking mascot.  Having a mascot on the sidelines would do nothing but benefit the outcome of the sporting event and would be a great chance to bring back a tradition that once created success for school sporting events. The perfect mascot would be someone who is very energetic, has a crazy but fun personality and takes pride in being a Viking. A mascot would be a fantastic representation about what SHS is all about and a way to show important messages to classmates about bringing high positive energy. It would be excellent entertainment for classmates during events like pep rallies and sports games. Having a mascot would create an inviting and fun atmosphere for all school events.

Something else that would benefit school spirit, an idea that has once brought great energy to sporting events like basketball games, is the resurgence of “bleacher creatures.” Bringing back bleacher creatures would unite classmates, which could make everyone feel included, and bring energy to the sporting event. The wild and wacky costumes that bleacher creatures and mascots wear bring an uplifting energy that can spread throughout many classmates. Having bleacher creatures would be a way to create a unique quality in the school, a way to be different and stand out from other schools.

Regardless of how a Viking shows spirit, the outcome of positive energy is the same.  Whether a student is cheering at a volleyball game or buying doughnuts to support Student Council, there is no wrong way to show school spirit.

Jackson Hall (11) actively shows his school spirit by being on the Spartanburg High School marching band.

“A way that I show school spirit is by showing up to football games and really enjoying the fun times by going crazy when we score and being extra when dressing up for the themes of the game,” Hall said.