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While working out during 6th period Weight Training, Mehki Wilson (10) focuses on hydrating to help reduce muscle cramps, headaches and fatigue.

The Importance of Hydration

Drinking water throughout the day improves mental and physical health for students and athletes

When it comes to staying healthy, the most important action one can take is drinking water. Water provides the drinker with many different health benefits, including improved circulation, digestion and the ability to maintain normal body temperature.

Being a part of a sports team means that one has to take care of their body and what is put into it. J.D. Cash (10) plays for the Varsity football team, and he finds that drinking water affects his performance in practices.

“If I don’t hydrate before games or practices, the effects of the physical activity are much more severe,” Cash said. “I usually get tired and out of breath a lot quicker than I would if I was hydrated.”

It is just as important to drink water on game day too. Cash drinks over a gallon of water the day of a game in order to make sure that he is ready to play. “Overall, I’d just say that drinking water before and during games puts me in a better place to compete.”

To determine how much water should be consumed in a day, it’s necessary to look at a few factors. Cross country coach Jack Todd believes that it all depends on the body size of the individual, the athlete’s activity level and weather conditions.

“As a rule of thumb, a person should consume between ½ ounce and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day,” Todd said. Using this rule, if a person were to weigh 120 pounds, then their ideal water intake would be about 60 to 120 ounces.

Even for people who do not participate in sports, hydration is the key to success. Being hydrated improves one’s concentration and cognition. Memory has also shown to be improved with increased hydration. These traits go hand in hand with jobs, school, teaching and other things that one might do throughout the day.

AP Biology teacher Janet Walker believes proper hydration is a critical factor in learning for students.

“Staying hydrated allows you to stay focused and improves brain functions such as memory.  It also maximizes physical performance,” Walker said.

SHS has taken steps to help students get water throughout the day, including water refill stations, which can be found throughout the school.

When going through this list of why to drink water, there aren’t many reasons to say no to hydration. There are just too many pros. Drinking water is a great way to make life easier, so fill up a bottle, and get drinking!

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