A Fun Friday

Students celebrating homecoming week

Caroline Colbath, Entertainment Editor

On Sept. 23, Homecoming week ended with an energetic and school spirited event: a tradition that has become known as “Fun Lunch.” Students were able to take time off from class to gather together and celebrate another fantastic football season.
Local restaurants and food trucks set up shop in the parking lot to provide food and drinks during their allotted lunch period. The most popular items were barbeque, chicken sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and more for a discounted price.

Libby Cheek (11) enjoyed visiting the various activities with her friends during Fun Lunch.

“My favorite food truck was the cone truck, where I was able to enjoy ice cream with my friends before going to the dunk tank,” Cheek said.

Fun lunch did not stop at food trucks, as there were many activities such as football toss and a dunk tank for students to enjoy after their meal. With teachers in the dunk tank, students lined up for a chance to send them into the water below.  After practicing for the first two months of school, the Vikings Step Team also performed during Fun Lunch to show the school their new routines and garnered quite the crowd at their fantastic performance.

The pep rally that followed Fun Lunch gave the students an opportunity to recognize fall sports teams and allowed each grade to compete in various activities in order to win the school spirit stick. The Viking fall sports were introduced and teams ran out onto the field to further embrace the school spirit. Among the sports announced were cross country, swimming and volleyball. After a selection of students from each grade completed various tasks in a relay race, the juniors took home the prize after racing to the finish line in a grand display of school spirit.

The pep rally was not just to recognize the fall sports, as the 2022 Homecoming Court was introduced, and the Homecoming King was announced. One by one, the Homecoming Kings and Queens were introduced, and walked onto the field during the pep rally. Raheim Jeter (12), starting quarterback, was named Homecoming King after being voted for by his peers.

Jackson Griffith (12) was a part of the 2022 Homecoming Court and had a great experience in it.

“My favorite part was the pep rally because of all the school spirit the crowd had.  While I didn’t get to do many of the activities, I enjoyed being on the Homecoming Court,” Griffith said.