A Dance to Remember

Vikings celebrate an “Out of this World” Homecoming experience


Photo by A. Curtis

Vikings take to the floor to dance the night away in style.

Will Eaton, Co-Editor-in-Chief/News Editor

Students knew they were in for a treat when they arrived at the Homecoming dance to find a dark archway awaiting them. Following the space theme, this “black hole” transported the students to the dance itself, where a fun time was bound to be had. This may sound like an odd way to enter a party, but for a dance that was “Out of this World,” it was merely something that was expected. Along with the black hole, the entire cafeteria was decked out in high-tech space gear, aliens and flashing lights everywhere.

Students enjoyed the food and drinks provided. Even when the cups ran out, students still had fun in the situation.

Thomas Cheek (9) thought that the dance was fun and enjoyed the thematic use of space throughout the dance.

“I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and listening to the music, and it was a very cool environment,” Cheek said. “I would definitely go back again.”

When the music quieted down, many attendees took to socializing the night away. They enjoyed talking with their friends and those they weren’t as acquainted with. Many admired each other’s outfits, dressing in a semi-formal affair, although in reality, any attire was acceptable, from casual to dressy.

Kylee Wallace (12) liked the dancing circles that formed around the cafeteria. Whenever the majority of the crowd was getting out of the groove and beginning to die down, one brave individual would step in and dance, with people surrounding forming a circle and others even joined in.

“I loved how the dance circles came to be,” Wallace said. “They were very exciting and provided some much needed buzz to the crowd.”

The first Homecoming dance in many years at Spartanburg High brought about excitement and increased spirit.  With the success of the event, and the commitment of a dedicated student council, there is hope for the possibility of a more permanent Homecoming dance extending into the future infinitely.