New Tesla CyberTruck

Futuristic Tesla Truck Coming in 2021


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The sleek Tesla Cybertruck will have many new features that are beyond comparison with other trucks.

Matthew Beyer, Viking Voices Editor

From the first pickup truck made by Gottlieb Daimler in 1896 to the Tesla Cybertruck coming in late 2021, trucks have drastically changed. The new Tesla Cybertruck will have many incredible features, such as an impenetrable exoskeleton, unbreakable Tesla armor glass, a spacious futuristic interior, and an $8,000 optional self-driving feature.  All of these would have been unthinkable when the first truck was created back in 1896.

There are three configurations to the Cybertruck. A single motor costing $39,900; a dual motor costing $49,900; and a tri motor costing $69,900The tri motor, because of the three electric engines, will have quicker acceleration, longer driving range and greater towing capacity than the single or dual motor configurations.   

John Kuntz (10) is greatly anticipating the arrival of the 2021 Tesla Cybertruck.

“The Tesla Cybertruck is the first major change in formfactor for trucks in decades,” Kuntz said. This is not only because of it being the very first mass-produced fully electric truck, but also because it will break the norm for truck’s overall design and capabilities.”  

At first glance, the Cybertruck looks like an armored triangle, while others comment it looks like it was made out of Legos. The car is so contemporary that there are no side mirrors and the headlights are simply a strip of illumination. Some of these features do not even pass current federal government regulations, such as there being no side mirrors. The Tesla Cybertruck is projected to be one of the most futuristic-looking vehicles traveling down the roads.  

Robert Liollio (11) is interested and apprehensive about the design model of the truck.

The Cybertruck is a bold new look, and I don’t know if the design will work as anticipated,” Liollio said.