Food Board Frenzy

The current-day battle of the boards


Photo by C. Colbath

All the food boards displayed at Caroline Colbath’s (11) food board party.

Matthew Beyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Centerspread/Columns Editor

Whether one is making a charcuterie board, butter board, fry board, or dessert board, food boards, a massive social media trend is skyrocketing across social media and the world. Charcuterie boards are the catalyst for the recent uptick on making boards. Charcuterie boards have a long history which begins in 200 BC with Romans curing meat. The modern-day charcuterie board was first introduced into society during the 15th century in France. A charcuterie board will typically be made on wooden boards and include a variety of foods including cured meats, vegetables, cheese, jams, olives, nuts, and crackers or bread.

The main reason behind why food boards in the 21st century have an increased popularity is for their aesthetic.

Sofia Hernandez (10) has always been intrigued by different trends on social media platforms including TikTok and for her food boards are no different.

“I would make a food board because they are both calming to make and food boards are obviously cute,” Hernandez said.

Food boards now have taken over birthday parties, holiday parties, and any other large gatherings. Food boards are an accessible way to have many different foods in one spot.

Marlee Allen (11) loves the concept of food boards ever since their commercialization due to social media, and Allen has made a food board in the past.

“My favorite part was getting to eat whatever was on the food board while I was making it and then it was satisfying to make it stacked again. I think I made the food board for like a family get together thing. I would make another one, as long as I still get to eat some of it,” Allen said.

The easiest and one of the more creative parts about making food boards is one can make a food board with any foods they desire.

Mary Mac Evans (12) loved being able to pick what food she wanted to bring when she went to a food board party.

“The food board that I made was a wing board with different flavored wings, celery, and ranch and blue cheese. My friends had a board party and we all brought different type of boards,” Evans said.

In early September 2022, a new type of food board was spread around called the butter board. A butter board, like a typical food board is made on a wooden cutting board. Contrary to having cured meats and vegetables, like a charcuterie board, a butter board includes soft butter sprinkled with condiments, additional ingredients, and edible decorations such as salt, pepper, chili flakes, honey, lemon zest, fruit or vegetable slices, herbs or edible flowers. While butter boards are an option for some, most stick to traditional boards rather than a butter board.

Jackson Griffith (12) is a fan of food boards and the large variety of food that comes on one but is not a fan of the butter board.

“I don’t think I would ever make a butter board because I could always just use a butter knife rather than dip the bread in the butter and the clean-up for a butter board seems like it would be horrible,” Griffith said.