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The Greenville Peace Center

The Greenville Peace Center is an architectural symbol for downtown Greenville.

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The Greenville Peace Center is an architectural symbol for downtown Greenville.

Caroline Colbath, Entertainment Editor

The Greenville Peace Center, built in 1990, has hosted a magnitude of shows, plays and concerts. Known for its architectural image and iconic setting, the Peace Center has helped Greenville’s downtown grow and adapt to the changing times.

Made up of a concert hall, an amphitheater and a theatre, the Greenville Peace Center has become a symbol of fine art in the downtown Greenville area. The Peace Center sits on the edge of the Reedy River, which flows through downtown Greenville. Its sprawling lawns and tiered balconies attract patrons strolling along the riverbank. Many inhabitants in the neighboring districts and counties journey to the Peace Center to view its plays and concerts and are also able to enjoy the restaurants and shops downtown Greenville provides.

Kelli Foster is a teacher at Spartanburg High School had has seen many plays at the Peace Center.
“From “Wicked” to “Rent,” the Peace Center always puts on great shows and attracts incredible off-Broadway performers. My favorite part about the Peace Center, other than the shows themselves, is its proximity to local spots in downtown Greenville for dinner before or after a show,” Foster said.

The Peace Center offers an opportunity for Spartanburg residents to experience Broadway plays without having to travel too far from home. The Peace Center is also a concert venue for many singers and orchestras. With a capacity of 2,115 seats and state of the art acoustics, the Greenville Peace Center is perfect for up and coming artists and popular plays. Some of the many upcoming shows the Greenville Peace Center is hosting include “Beetlejuice,” “Wicked” and “Cats.” These shows will provide more publicity for the Greenville Peace Center after it was shut down for a brief period of time due to Covid. After relaxing its safety protocols, the Greenville Peace Center is back open for business, and business is booming.
Addyson Crocker (10) has recently been to the Greenville Peace Center in October to watch the Broadway play “Dear Evan Hanson.”
“I’ve been to the Peace Center four times, and my favorite part is their Broadway series and the different shows that come to it,” Crocker said.

While some go for the shows and concerts, others enjoy the elegant and classy atmosphere the Peace Center provides. With a contemporary music hall, the Greenville Peace Center has a modern yet vintage appearance that appeals to all ages. The Peace Center has hosted modern artists and classical symphonies within its grand halls. The Greenville Peace Center is also known for its special effects and lifelike settings for the plays, and the immersion of music that musicians provide.

Madelyn Stephens (10) has gone to the Greenville Peace Center multiple times since she was young and would highly recommend visiting the center and its productions to others.
“I went to go see “Dear Evan Hansen” for my birthday, and it was an amazing performance. It had me in tears the whole time. My favorite part was really being able to feel like the show was real and all the effects,” Stephens said.