Swinging into the Hall of Fame

Vikings golf coach Todd White secures a place in history


Photo courtesy Todd Staley

Todd White smiles proudly as he is inducted into the S.C. Golf Hall of Fame.

Lars Harris, Sports Co-Editor

Saturday, January 14, 2023, was just another normal day for most people of Spartanburg. However, the date will go down in history throughout the golf community as Spartanburg High School golf coach Todd White was inducted into the South Carolina Golf Hall of Fame.

The S.C. Golf Hall of Fame was created in 1977 by the South Carolina Association to commemorate the achievements and dedication of South Carolinian golfers.

According to SCGolf.org, “The SC Golf of Fame recognizes those individuals that have made a great impact on the game of golf in South Carolina either through their playing abilities, their dedication to the game or a combination of both.”

White, along with three other inductees, fit well within these parameters. White has a rich history with the sport, from four-time All Southern Golfer and All-American in 1989 to becoming SCGA Player of the year in 2010-2013 and 2016. White has also been selected for the U.S. Walker Cup team, has competed in 35 USGA championships consisting of nine US amateurs and mid-amateurs, along with six US State Team Championships, two Senior Opens, and the 1995 US Open. He has also competed in all seven US Amateur Four-Ball Championships and acquired multiple other notable titles to his name such as the 1990 Northeastern Amateur Champ, 1990 SCGA Amateur Champion, 2015 Azalea Amateur Invitation Champion and four-time CGA South Carolina Match Play Champion. It’s safe to say Coach White is nothing shy of Hall of Fame material.

White has been a fixture in the Spartanburg golf community for many years. He has coached numerous high school golfers and has been a mentor to many in the area.

Varsity Viking golfers Perrin Little (10) and Hugh Lemmonds (11) believe White is a good golf coach because he knows so much about the game and can give the golfers any advice they might need.

“From mental game to tips on our swing, Coach White can help us. His knowledge of golf gets us through our rounds because he knows if any problems come up, he will be there to point us in the right direction,” Little said.

Whites’ individual success and experience in the sport has also led him to success in his leadership of the schools men’s and women’s golf teams. Having won multiple county and regional championships with the teams, he is a well-renowned coach throughout the state.

“His experience and all the time he has played golf has made him a great coach and impacts the team tremendously,” Lemmonds said.

Whites’ induction into the South Carolina Golf Hall of Fame is a testament to his dedication to the sport and to the Spartanburg golf community. He is the first coach in the Spartanburg area to be inducted, and his induction is a great honor for the community and for all Vikings.