The Vikings Stick Together

What the Spartanburg High School girl’s lacrosse team is all about this year


Photo by L. Harris

After winning a game, the Vikings huddle up and celebrate together.

Eliza Phillips, Sports Co-Editor

The women’s varsity lacrosse team at Spartanburg High School is full of hardworking, determined young ladies who aren’t afraid of a challenge. They started this season off strong with a record of 4-1. The Vikings have so far defeated Hilcrest, Mauldin, Greenville and Dorman.

Although the season on paper has been solid, there have been many obstacles that these ladies have gone through. The team has had to overcome some unfortunate injuries early in the season. Some of the injuries include ankle sprains, fractured wrists and even a torn ACL. The new incoming class of freshman and sophomores have had to step up and play different positions that they aren’t used to. They’ve had to adjust some new drills and plays for games and practices as well. Some of them are new defensive tactics, new transition drills and winning draws.

Madelyn Stephens (10) loves the team chemistry that her teammates have, and she always encourages them to become the best team they can be.

“Our team loves team bonding, and we always make ways to hangout outside of school, like going to breakfast together or having team dinners. It helps us trust each other and communicate more on the field and helps us grow closer like a family,” Stephens said.

Mental health is extremely important in all sports, but not talked about enough. Something unique that the team does is something called “Mindful Mondays.” This is when the team gets together every Monday before practice and talks about mental health challenges. The Vikings have always promoted mental health on and off the field as student athletes. A way they show how mental health is just as important as physical health is by partnering with the organization called Morgan’s Message. Morgan’s Message focuses on removing the stigma that surrounds mental health within student athletes. The goal is to amplify stories and resources to strengthen the mental health of athletes while also building a community for conversations and resources.

Martha Barre (9) believes mental health plays a major role when it comes to being a student athlete and how having each other throughout set backs in life can make the biggest change.

“Every Monday, we do Mindful Mondays to check in on each other and focus on our mental health before physical health. We set high goals and expectations for each other to be our best,” Barre said.

Coach Aubrie Lauderdale has always been a positive role model that the ladies admire. She encourages them to not only play well individually, but to work hard together as a team. She always motivates the players to play “Viking Lacrosse.”

Jennifer Barnica-Lainez (10) loves how inspiring her coaches are and can’t wait for what’s to come in the future.

“Ever since I’ve joined lacrosse, I’ve always had a wonderful experience with my teammates and coaches. They have always been so supportive and encouraging to me and my teammates making us want to keep playing,” Barnica-Lainez said.