Reimagining Football

XFL features new rules, familiar players and “The Rock”


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The XFL season is already underway, and the future appears bright for spring football.

Will Eaton, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor

Although the NFL season may have ended with the Kansas City Chiefs being crowned world champions, a new kind of football presents itself to those craving to see the pigskin thrown around. The XFL plans to grasp this opening in the schedule and use it to its own advantage.

Many leagues have popped up during the spring in the past, but none have been able to become a staple like the NFL has managed to be in the fall and winter. Part of the reason the league is so unique is the XFL was bought up by actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for roughly $15 million. This provides excitement to a once boring league, as many fans are interested in the XFL simply because they are fans of Johnson and are sure that his success in acting will translate to football ownership.

Kade Volk (10) is a fan of Johnson and wishes to see the XFL succeed because of that fact. He thinks that since football is so popular in America, springtime professional football will be welcomed with open arms.

“It’s cool how ‘The Rock’ has made a claim for the XFL,” Volk said. “I feel like it will do very well since it has a popular face to brand the league off.”

Along with Johnson’s majority ownership of the league, the XFL has also adopted former NFL players and upcoming prospects that wish to make their presence felt to enter the NFL. Seasoned veterans like A.J. McCarron, Martavis Bryant and Paxton Lynch make up a decent portion of the rosters, while newcomers like D’Eriq King and Eric Dungey wish to stake their claim as players of the future. The blend between old and new talent is invigorating and provides a fresh spin on roster development that usually isn’t seen in the NFL.

Aaron Grieshop (12) appreciates the league bringing professional football back to the city of St. Louis, the city that Grieshop chooses to support in professional sporting leagues.

“The St. Louis Battlehawks are off to a great start this season,” Grieshop said. “Seeing old NFL players have their careers revitalized is exciting and inspiring to see.”

Johnson is very excited about the future of the league. It’s been a dream of his to be a part of a football organization and its ownership, and he hopes this dream coming to fruition will inspire others to pursue their careers, whether in football or anything in life.

According to, in a speech before the start of the season, Johnson was fired up about the prospect of the XFL.

“I know because I’ve got that same chip and we’re here because the X of the XFL represents the intersection of dreams and opportunities. You bring the dreams, we brought the opportunity. Now let’s get to the game that we all love and why we’re here today,” Johnson said.