Take On the Outer Banks

Bring it on home, John B!


Photo courtesy hollywoodreporter.com

The cast of Outer Banks appears at the launch of the new season in Los Angeles.

Dev Patel, Chief Financial Officer, Variety Co-Editor

The popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” continues to gain popularity with the third season being released this past February and quickly becoming the one of the most popular titles on Netflix. The show is a Netflix original series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke that is based on and filmed in the Carolinas.

Lou Lou Morris (12) likes the local aspect of the show, since it ties in with the Carolina coastal region.

“Knowing that the show was filmed in our state just makes it feel much more personal and more enjoyable to watch in my opinion,” Morris said.

The series takes place in a fictional town in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. The premise of the show is that a group of close friends considered working class “Pogues” spend most of their time exploring the beaches and islands surrounding them. However, one day they stumbled upon a clue that could lead them to the long-lost treasure of the Royal Merchant. They soon find themselves on an adventure chasing after a treasure that the wealthy “Kooks” were also after. This initial event sparks the beginning of a new series on Netflix focused on themes of thriller, action, mystery and adventure. Each new season is a different adventure with a hunt for a new treasure. With season one they look to find the Royal Merchant, in season two it’s the Cross of Santo Domingo, and in season three it’s the El Dorado treasure.

Maribel Washburn (11) has recently watched the new season of “Outer Banks” and thought it was really good.

“I enjoyed the third season since it was a great addition to the storyline of the previous two seasons. I liked it especially because it was filmed in the same area as my family’s beach house,” Washburn said.

The show was released during the pandemic and followed the exciting lives of John B, JJ, Sarah Cameron, Pope, and Kiara that viewers yearned to have as the virus took away even the small adventures that people used to enjoy. This interesting hook for viewers grabbed the attention of millions of viewers and continues to do so with viewers getting ready for the release of each new season. Netflix has already announced the project for a fourth season of “Outer Banks” because of its continued trend in popularity with over 2 billion minutes of view time being recorded by the show.

Hugh Lemonds (11) started watching the show when it first came out during the pandemic and continues to follow the series.

“I like the adventure aspect of “Outer Banks” because the characters in the show are supposed to be around our age; however they are out going on thrilling journeys to find treasures,” Lemonds said.