Flinging into Spring

The Upstate’s biggest street festival


Photo courtesy goupstate.com

People stroll the streets of Spartanburg during the Spring Fling festival.

Ansley Dantin, Variety Co-Editor/ Social Media Coordinator

For years, the Spring Fling street festival has been held in downtown Spartanburg. This event is one of the biggest street festivals held in South Carolina’s Upstate and many families look forward to it as the beginning of spring season. This year, the festival will be held April 28-30.

Spring Fling is the host of fun carnival rides and various street venders. The festival is also a great opportunity for small business owners to display the best of their businesses.

Tyler Gibbs is the Manager of Little River Roasting Company and has enjoyed participating in the festival activities.

“Little River used to set up corn hole in front of coffee shop in the years past. In the most recent years though we have been just preparing to have a lot of customers,” Gibbs said.

Along with business opportunities, Spring Fling is a great place for people of all ages to have fun in their community. Little kids can have a blast on bouncy houses while adults shop around and taste all the different foods offered.

Nathan Moseley (12) is a Spartanburg native who enjoys the annual festival for all the exciting attractions.

“My favorite part of Spring Fling is all the cool food that you can get. I love walking around searching for new things to try,” Moseley said.

Spring Fling also is the host to live music from very talented local musicians. In the past, Justin McCorkle, the Rock Doctors, and Grammy Award-winning country artist David Ball, have all preformed at the Sparkle City festival.

Ruthie Kimsey (10) loves the feeling of unity that the activities of Spring Fling bring to Spartanburg.

“I love how Spring Fling brings the community together. I enjoy seeing people from all over having fun listening to music and eating carnival food,” Kimsey said. “I have been going to Spring Fling my whole life and it is such a fun experience to enjoy with friends.”

One cannot mention Spring Fling without mentioning the annual bike race. This professional race, called “The Crit,” is held every year and serves as a kickoff to the Spring Fling festivities. This race attracts people from across the Upstate who come to see the bikers zoom through the streets of Spartanburg.

Ellie Allen (11) is a Spartanburg native who has enjoyed going to the bike race since she was a child.

“While I watch the Spring Fling bike race like I do every year, I smile and talk with my mom, and it makes me happy every time. I love seeing all the bikes fly bye and watching everyone come together as a whole to watch this annual tradition that is loved by all,” Allen said.