The Rebirth of Rihanna

Nine-time Grammy winner Rihanna takes the stage


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Rihanna performs at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show.

Caroline Colbath, Entertainment Editor

After a seven-year hiatus from performing, the worldwide legend Rihanna reappeared for the Super Bowl LVII halftime show. This show marks a new beginning for Rihanna, who has accomplished starting new business endeavors, new performances and creating new music while she’s been gone from the public eye. Rihanna has not only started a family with her husband, A$AP Rocky, but has also created not one but three new beauty and fashion companies while on a sabbatical from the music industry.

Rihanna’s new companies have helped her become the youngest self-made billionaire. She has also gained attention due to her stunning red carpet looks and new solo “Lift Me Up” which appeared on the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack in November of 2022.

Not just a business woman, Rihanna has also helped children around the world with the Believe Foundation, which inspires and protects children around the world.

Seth Miller (10) was one of the many who tuned in for Rihanna’s recent halftime performance.

“I can see Rihanna putting out new music, and she has had a big legacy on music with her collabs with Eminem on songs like “The Monster” and “Love The Way You Lie,” Miller said.

The 2023 Super Bowl halftime show not only proved that Rihanna is a talented performer, but also showed her brilliant business skills, as she was able to promote her beauty brand, Fenty, during the performance.

Fans across the world were able to witness Rihanna perform live for the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. Being able to listen to Rihanna’s greatest and most memorable hits from the comfort of their own homes not only increased viewers, but many have stated that they watched for the Rihanna concert that just happened to be in the middle of a football game.

Johnny Rubio (10) does not listen to Rihanna regularly, but did tune in to her halftime show performance.

“While I don’t listen to her, I think Rihanna has a good legacy and has made an impact on the world,” Rubio said.

Rihanna not only performed at the Super Bowl, but also at the Oscars, where she performed her new song “Lift Me Up.” The release of new music has fans all across the world craving more from the musical legend.

The soulful lyrics and addictive beats of Rihanna’s songs are what draw many fans to the nine-time Grammy winning artist in the first place. Her top hits include “Love the Way You Lie,” “Don’t Stop the Music,” “Diamonds,” “Umbrella” and “Pon de Replay.”

Her past hits only energize the excitement for upcoming music and performances by the singer as she reenters the industry with a splash.

Dorothy Salley (11) enjoyed watching Rihanna perform at the Super Bowl, and loves Rihanna’s music.

“My favorite song is “Love On the Brain.” She inspires me by making music that hypes me up,” Salley said.