Norse News Female Athlete of the Year

Antasia Brewton’s skills in both basketball and track and field shows her incredible athletic achievements


Dev Patel, Chief Financial Officer, Variety Co-Editor

The Norse News Athlete of the Year is a traditional title given to the most elite male and female athletes of the senior class.

Antasia Brewton (12) has made a name for herself on both the basketball court and track over her career with the Vikings. She has been on the varsity basketball team since her sophomore year. This season, she has averaged 7.1 points per a game, 6.5 rebounds per game and 2 steals per game.

Standing at only 5’5, she played guard for the Lady Vikings and was third on the team in rebounding. Brewton on the court plays with strength, hustle, and physicality on the court in order to lead her fellow teammates. She often says, “It’s not about how big you are it’s about how big you play.”

Sharon Dillon is the head coach of the girls’ varsity basketball team at Spartanburg High School and has been given the pleasure of coaching Brewton.

“Tay made things happen on the court, which for a coach is what you are looking for in a player. What Tay brought to our team cannot be measured by her stats alone. She always gave 110% both in practice and in games. There is no doubt she will be missed by me and all the Lady Vikings,” Dillon said.

Brewton remains a strong competitor throughout the year by playing basketball in the first semester and throws during track in the second semester. She embodies a blend of raw talent and an unwavering work ethic to not push only herself to be the best on the court or track, but also her teammates.

Julia Graham (12) played her last season the girls varsity basketball team this year and has been playing with Brewton since they were in the seventh grade.

“She’s always been a leader on and off the court and a strong competitor in everything she does. She puts her heart into her goals, and has been able to grow as a player, teammate and person because of her commitment. Most importantly, Tay loves the sports she plays and has fun while thriving in competition,” Graham said.

Not only was Brewton such a great leader to her long term teammates but also to younger more inexperienced players, making sure she does all she can to make the team better. Throughout her athletic career, she goes into every situation as an opportunity in life.

Having a positive growth mindset is what makes up Brewton as an athlete and an overall person. Regardless of winning or losing, she always encourages her teammates by being enthusiastic and high-spirited to raise up the energy. When Brewton makes out going choices to be a helpful teammates it becomes contageous and other players who start to go along with her to better the team.
During the track season, Brewton is also well respected by her teammates. She is truly an extraordinary student athlete who is also a powerful thrower. She shows passion to work her hardest no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

Tip Phetbourom (12) is a teammate of Brewton’s on the track. She knows her as reliable, focused and funny because she can make everyone on the team laugh and have a good time while competing.

“Tay is a great player on and off the field. Coming over to throw right after from basketball as well, shows how dedicated she is to the sports she’s involved in. Her throwing is a great aspect to the team as well as her lively personality,” Phetbourom said.