A Final Fun Friday

Seniors celebrate on Senior Field Day and cheer during the parade


Photo by N. Wynn

Tip Phetbourom (12), Rookhie Sullivan (12), and Riley Regnier (12) celebrate together during the Senior Parade.

Matthew Beyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Centerspread/Columns Edito

Every year at the end of April, seniors get to experience one final hoorah before their high school career comes to a close, and this year was no different. Senior Field Day began with senior SAGA Co-Editors-in-Chief Sallie Barre (12), Rookhie Sullivan (12), Katie Reynolds (12) and senior editor Mac Russell (12) gifting Principal Vance Jones, Student Body President Ford Daniels (12) and Senior Class President Zaniyah White (12) with the first yearbooks.

Reynolds was excited to see all of the planning and creativity put into the yearbook come to fruition.

“We chose the theme FOCUS because we really wanted to focus on everybody in the school and all of the staff and teachers who have made such lasting memories on the Vikings,” Reynolds said. “It was special to present Ford, Zaniyah, and Dr. Jones with the first yearbooks because we got to show off all of our hard work.”

As the clock struck 9 am, seniors were finally able to take part in the various activities provided during Senior Field Day. Whether one wanted to play cornhole, summit a rock-climbing wall, race their best friend in an obstacle course, go head-to-head with other teams in the volleyball tournament of the year, or solely get a snow cone, a senior’s options were infinite.

Mia Weathers (12) enjoyed being able to spend time with her friends after all of her hard work over the past four years.

“Senior Field Day for me was very nostalgic because it reminded me of us being kids and having a blast on those field days back then! Seeing everyone hangout and have fun was such a good feeling,” Weathers said.

Each year, Student Council, with the help of sponsor Chris White, organizes a volleyball tournament which results in one team winning a cash prize of $20 per team member. This year Andrew Dantin (12), Felix McAninch (12), Jack Krydynski (12), Anderson Parker (12), John Mullen (12) and Michael Pedone (12) were on the winning team, the Badgers.
Dantin was proud of his team’s victory.

“My favorite part about the tournament was being able to play with my friends and of course win. I had a great time at Senior Field Day – it was a nice break from work and change of scenery,” Dantin said.

Around 11am, Senior Field Day came to a close and the next part of the senior activities began with the senior parade beginning in half an hour. Seniors were given time to decorate their cars with their friends before the parade began. From the track all the way to the end of the school freshmen, sophomores and juniors lined the sidewalks with their teachers to cheer on their current or former students.

Abigail Graham (12) took part in the annual parade.

“My favorite part about the parade was blasting music through the truck,” Graham said. “My friends and I used window markers, table skirts and streamers to decorate the truck! It was very bittersweet seeing my friends and teachers because I was happy to see them cheering for me but it’s sad to know I’ll be leaving them in less than a month.”