A Masquerade Dance

Costume masks and music added to the charm brought along with prom for juniors and seniors


Photo by L. Henson

Students were able to enjoy the night and have fun dancing together at the 2023 “Masquerade Ball.” The theme was very popular with students and many were seen wearing costume masks throughout the evening.

Eliza Phillips, Sports co-editor

Saturday, April 22, was a thrilling and tremendously successful night in many ways. The prom was held at Indigo Hall in Downtown Spartanburg and started at 8 pm. The night was filled with popular and booming music played by two DJs with gigantic speakers and microphones next to them. Something unique about the dance was how many classmates got the privilege to use the microphone to sing along to their favorite songs, making the crowd even more enthusiastic.

Anna Claire Transiskus (12) enjoyed her time prom and was able to spend the night dancing away with her friends.

“I really enjoyed the prom atmosphere. I liked the way it was set up with the tables and dance floor separated, as well as the outside area. The music was so good. I liked most of it, especially some of the rap music because it was fun to just jump around and dance to,” Transiskus said.

Everyone got the opportunity to express themselves with what they wore by going all out in fancy attire. Many dates decided to wear color-coordinated outfits to make their outfits stand out from the crowd. Matching bowties, dresses, vests and even pants could be seen across the dance floor.

The prom was masquerade-themed with many costume masks provided for everyone. The building was decorated with gigantic masks on the walls and brightly colored lights shining all around the room. There were many food options at the prom in case anyone didn’t get the chance to eat dinner before – items like cake pops, mini sandwiches and other sweet treats. Throughout the night there was valet parking available which was a very helpful service for everyone.

Student Council worked hard to ensure that this year’s prom would be another fun night. Zion Littlejohn (11) is a member of the Student Council and was extremely proud of what they accomplished.

“It was very fulfilling to see something you worked on turn out to be a success. Prom was very successful and lots of people had fun hanging out with each other and dancing. With the masquerade theme, we wanted to do something we never did before and of course we had help but putting our minds together helped us make prom the best possible,” Littlejohn said.

Prom was a special way to celebrate the transition of how SHS teenagers are growing up. Also, the dance was a way for students to celebrate their hard work and achievements they have accomplished throughout the school year. The school tradition of prom showed once again how an amazing event brings students together to create fun memories that will last a lifetime.
Students danced for many hours and had an exhilarating time while hanging out with friends. The Prom Queen and King announcement was one of the best parts of the night. Omar Alchab (12) won Prom King and Taniya Fowler (12) won Prom Queen.

Jackson Griffith (12) believes that this year’s prom was his favorite that he has attended. He went to prom with a group of friends who ate together and took pictures before prom had started.
“I had a lot of fun at prom this year, more than I was expecting. I liked prom this year because of the groups that I was with the whole time. We were always on the dance floor just having a really good time. I loved the atmosphere and how the dance floor just felt so high energy and fun. That DJ really knew what he was doing because he was playing all the good songs that I had forgotten about but could really get down to,” Griffith said.