Fall Guys Frenzy

The new Battle Royale video game grows in popularity


Photo by Will Eaton

Fall Guys is a high focus game as it tests the quick reflexes of the player.

Fall Guys is new popular Battle Royale game that released during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video game became a summer sensation in a matter of weeks and has continued its success in the last few months.  

Fall Guys initially was released on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows for PC users. A game of Fall Guys includes up to 60 players in a free-for-all obstacle course that is changed every round. The game requires a player to outlive the other opponents in each roundbeating them to the finish line to qualify for the next round. Fall Guys has reached the attention of gaming influencers and they have released various types of content on different platforms such as YouTube videos and Twitch live streams. 

Riley O’Brien (11) enjoys watching Poofesure’s YouTube videos with her brother. 

“It’s really fun, and I enjoy watching videos of people playing it too!” O’Brien said.  

Gaming streamers also influenced other students to try the game out for themselves.  Video games have become especially popular as the idea of social distancing has become more standard among groups of friends.  Jackson Regnier (9) enjoys Fall Guys because it’s different from other popular video games. 

“I saw streamers playing the game on twitch and it seemed fun, so I started playing it,” Regnier said.  

Although the concept of the game is simple, Fall Guys can at times be a frustrating game that becomes highly competitive in the final rounds. Will Maeder (10) enjoys the challenge.

“The game is really fun but can get frustrating in the final rounds when people try hard to win and mess you up, but overall, it’s really fun to play with friends,” Maeder said.