Teens Tackle Volunteering

Numerous opportunities in the area for volunteering and giving back are available to teens ready to make a difference


Photo illustration by L. Chandler

Many local options are open to volunteers such as Spartanburg Humane Society, Mobile Meals and the Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas.

Leah Chandler, Student Life Editor

To many teens, volunteering may seem like a tedious task done to appeal more to colleges. However, locally there are plenty of places where one can help out with some feel-good tasks, such as Mobile Meals and the Spartanburg Humane Society.

Mobile Meals is a program that provides warm food to those who may not have access to a steady food source or to those who can’t prepare or gain access to meals on their own. Volunteers can help pack and prepare food and deliver it to those in need. People of nearly any age can help out.

Foster Neely (9) is an avid volunteer who has been working with Mobile Meals for years along with a few other programs.

“I like driving the meals to people and knowing that I’m making a difference in their lives. I would suggest others to volunteer as well because it makes you feel good and you know you are helping others,” Neely said.

If contact with people isn’t quite appealing, one can volunteer at Spartanburg Humane Society. When volunteering at the Humane Society, walking and socializing with the dogs, keeping the place tidy, bathing animals, and attending to the cats are common tasks to expect.

Eden Frech (9) volunteered at Spartanburg Humane Society and would recommend others volunteer there as well.

“Everyone there was really nice and patient, so I definitely recommend anyone go there who can,” Frech said.

Mikiya Fowler (12) volunteers at the Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas, a non-profit organization that supports families with children battling cancer. The Children’s Cancer Partners raise money with fundraisers such as burger cook-offs to pay for any travel or cost needs. Inspired by seeing the impact her mother has made working with the program, Mikiya began to volunteer as well.

“Seeing the smiles she put on their face and the support given to the families made me want to start volunteering and my experience has been amazing…I would definitely recommend others volunteering at Children’s Cancer Partners. The staff is very pleasant, and it is such a great atmosphere,” Fowler said.