Burg’s Kitchen December Issue


Photo courtesy OpenTable

Founded in 2008, Cribbs Kitchen has grown to become one of the most popular dining establishments in Spartanburg.

Dev Patel & Lars Iven, Sports Co-Editors

Burg’s Kitchen is a local food review produced by Dev Patel (11) and Lars Harris (11). Every restaurant visited will be evaluated on the following criteria: presentation, taste and the likeliness of returning. This issue Lars and Dev went to Cribbs Kitchen in downtown Spartanburg. 


When we visited Cribbs Kitchen, it was a Sunday night at around 6:30 p.m. We were directed to a table immediately and were served our food quickly. Cribbs Kitchen was quite busy as many enjoyed sitting at the bar viewing Sunday Night Football, nonetheless the service was fantastic. The restaurant has a modern industrial theme and is well lit throughout the indoor and outdoor dining at night.  

Environment: 9/10 



For the entrée, Dev got the Truffled Grilled Cheese along with a side of parmesan fries for a cost of $15.60. The grilled cheese had great overall flavor combining the various cheeses and vegetables, however the truffled brussels sprouts gave the sandwich a peculiar taste. The parmesan fries were solid as well as the complete entrée. 

Lars got the Fried Chicken Sandwich along with a side of parmesan fries for a total of $14. The chicken was fairly appetizing with a slight kick from the creamy chili mayo. The plush Brioche bun added a delightful display to the sandwich’s exquisite features. 

Dev’s Opinion 

Presentation: 4.1/5 

Taste: 4/5 

Lars’ Opinion 

Presentation: 4.2

Taste: 4/5 



For the dessert, Dev and Lars got the Tiramisu for $6. The combination of coffee, cocoa and strawberry puree matched with the fluffiness of the tiramisu made this dessert exceptional. 

Dev’s Opinion 

Presentation: 4.4/5 

Taste: 4.4/5 

Lars’ Opinion 

Presentation: 4.4/5 

Taste: 4.5/5 


Final Thoughts 

We both decided to place Cribbs Kitchen on our list of “returning” because the service and environment were welcoming, and the food didn’t disappoint. In conclusion, we think the prices at Cribbs Kitchen are a little pricier than expected, especially with paying extra for the parmesan fries, but surely worth it. The restaurant still fits in the mid-range price category ($$). Overall, on our Dev & Lars scale, Cribbs receives a 4.5/5.